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I Just said 'Yes' - Part 1, Chapter 2.

she finds herself determined to be chosen.

I began to position myself where he would certainly see me if he arrived via the lobby. Suddenly I wished that the dress was shorter - after having felt it was too short all afternoon. What was the point having made an effort if it didn’t get me the prize? [Read More]

Estimated reading time: 10 minutes

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Fatal Attraction Pt.4

The beauty parlour dream has been filled with astonishing and disturbing novelties; she knows that the waking will be hard, and holds the dream around her until, at last, it breaks.

It is all so strange, and— yes— dreamlike, at the same as I know that, through this dream, I am sleepwalking, entirely of my own volition, into what any sane person would consider to be a nightmare. A living nightmare. [Read More]

Estimated reading time: 17 minutes

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It comes down to This (revisited)

That she will submit to the whip has become the central fact of her existence.

It comes down to this. This is the central fact of her existence now. Not the actual beating, so much as the fact that they both know that he can beat her. That he will beat her, whenever he feels like it. That whenever he wishes, despite her desperation not to be whipped, she will strip naked for him and present herself in whatever horribly vulnerable position he asks … and let him hurt her. [Read More]

Estimated reading time: 22 minutes

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Fawzia and Alina, Scene 2

To experience something new amused Fawzia; to be corrupting someone so innocent, so unworldly, so gorgeous, made it doubly zestful.

The reason we've been seeing so much of each other, Alina, is because I'm going to be looking after you. And that means I'm going to be fucking you, like I'm fucking Susie and Yelena. It's cute that you haven't understood this, but it's time - so - I'm just telling you. [Read More]

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

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Candace, annexed. Pt 1

Candace' life is about to be changed for her. It starts with a troubling morning.

All in all, reading back over this, I don’t imagine you will be surprised to hear that I was in many ways a confused, dissatisfied and vulnerable young woman (barely more than a girl, really) on the morning I met Ms F. [Read More]

Estimated reading time: 24 minutes

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Moving Her On Pt10— Rape Doll for strangers.

She offers herself to strangers; begs them to rape her, and is spurned.

Her reverie is interrupted by noises from the hallway, of voices, too muffled to understand, and the horrors return with a shock. Strangers. People who have no idea who she was, who she can be, are going to be introduced to her in this degraded condition, and she … she is going to … what? [Read More]

Estimated reading time: 19 minutes

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Fawzia and Alina, Scene 1

A young woman, in near despair, begs her domineering older lover to understand how hard it is to meet the requirements imposed upon her. She gets short shrift.

It … I … I don't think you can realise just … just how … how hard it has been for me to … to live with the— to know that I let you make me … make me DO that … that stuff! [Read More]

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

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The Story of S Pt10.

His game is played, and Essy is indeed utterly undone by the terrible orgasm which overwhelms her.

This is hard for you, I know. Of course, it is meant to be; but still, you are suffering, allowing me to damage you; do not imagine that I do not understand how you are working for me, and how much it is costing you. It may help to know that I am enjoying you immensely; that you are responding very gratifyingly. I am having to control myself, too; I am strongly tempted to forget the orgasm and rape you right now; you are so delightfully vulnerable and ready for it. [Read More]

Estimated reading time: 21 minutes

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AI Pictures and Shorts 1

Four similar AI images with different short stories.

Although the images are recognisably from the same prompt, each story takes note of small differences, using those as the inspiration for a different story. An experiment that takes note of the fact that it takes lots of effort to get to a good place with an AI image gen, but then very little effort to produce variants. [Read More]

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

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I Just said 'Yes' - Part 1, Chapter 1.

An invitation to dance for the Founder.

Of course, the VIP party were late - these things always run over time. And Natalie and I had gotten bored, so we began horsing about a little - pretending we were working up a welcome dance for the founder - just filling in the time, really, although both of us, I suspect, didn't mind an opportunity to show off a little to the rest of the office. But as luck would have it, we were gee-ing each other on to do sexy little shimmies when the VIP party walked in. [Read More]

Estimated reading time: 13 minutes

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